This post is part of the Advent Calendar series

Attend A Christmas Eve Service

By Beth Ogden

For many Waltonians, Christmas Eve is synonymous with attending a Christmas Eve service at a local church. These services are usually quite beautiful, with a short sermon, the singing of traditional advent hymns, and the lighting of candles. We've compiled a list of some of the churches in Walton that will be having Christmas Eve services, along with their start times.

  • United Presbyterian Church (58 East Street, Walton)
  • First United Methodist Church (101 North Street, Walton)
  • First Baptist Church (55 Townsend Street, Walton)
  • St. John the Baptist Catholic Church (25 Benton Ave, Walton)
  • New Hope Community Church (45 Stockton Ave, Walton)
  • Christ Episcopal Church (41 Gardiner Place, Walton)

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