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Make Handmade Christmas Cards

By Beth Ogden

While I wouldn't recommend sending one to everyone on your list (it's a lot of work), handmade Christmas cards can be a nice touch to give those special friends and family members. You can make your own Christmas cards out of scrapbook paper and some simple stamps, or if you're especially crafty you might even hand-letter some cards! Of course, handmade cards from your kids is also a special touch (just provide them with some construction paper, scissors, and markers and they'll be all set!).

If you'd like to make some handmade cards with scrapbook paper, I recommend getting a package of pre-made white plain cards with envelopes from a craft store (you can find them at Michael's in Binghamton, or order them online) to use as your base. Then, add some patterned paper in a holiday design and use a simple stamp to place a message both on and inside the card. Write a personalized note, then send it on its way!

To hand-letter some holiday cards, look for inspiration online, then use those same plain white cards as your base. My favorite pens for lettering are Prismacolor artist pens, but Sharpie Pens, or any felt-tip pens or markers work well too! Play around with different designs on scrap paper or in a sketchbook, then draw the design on the card with a pencil before going over it with a pen. Tip: To give your lettering a more professional look, first write the words in your best print or cursive handwriting, then thicken the lines everywhere you wrote with a downward motion. Add some color or simple drawings to give it that something “extra”. There are plenty of easy video tutorials online if you need some help—just type in “how to hand letter” into Google or YouTube.

P.S. If you’re really interested in hand lettering, Jessica Hische’s Skillshare course can be accessed via a free trial.

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