Soccer in Walton

By Chris Ogden, Gary Kinne, & Walter Bartlett

We wanted to share that the informal soccer group we've organized for over a decade will resume for another season soon. Please show up to play at any point if interested!

  • Friendly co-ed soccer matches every week
  • Adults and high schoolers of all experience levels welcome
  • We play at the Townsend Elementary School Soccer Field, unless otherwise announced
  • Stay tuned to the 'Pick-up Soccer in Walton' Facebook group for field changes and cancellations, etcetera
  • Please feel free to address any questions to the group at the link above

We've found these summer friendly soccer matches to be a great way to level up skills as varsity players, and then a great way to stay in shape as adults. Most importantly, it has always been a fun way to spend an evening. We hope you'll join us!

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